This durable natural stone is still the most popular choice for countertops due to its strength and beauty. Available in several colors, and one of the most budget friendly stone products, granite is the ideal choice for anyone looking to add one-of-a-kind elegance to any decor.

Granite is an igneous rock formed when magma cools forming large, visible crystals of quartz (glassy colored), feldspar (white,grey or pink), hornblende (black) and mica (black of silver flakes) - scientifically. On the commercial aspect however, the word “granite” is used to describe any igneous, dense-grained and hard stone that shares the same resistance.

A wide variety of granites exist in the market today and drastically varies in terms of looks, colors, density, hardness, and porosity. Magma cools at different depths and rates causing these variations of colors and textures even within the same quarry.

Though granite varies greatly visually, their overall properties are very consistent. In general, all granites are hard enough to not get scratched with normal use, highly heat resistant, and will not etch with normal exposure to household acids (like lemon juice). Once properly sealed, granite is highly resistant to staining due to everyday dirt and spills. This stone is extremely hard, durable, and budget friendly that lasts forever.

Please see below a small selection of available stones. Contact us for further options. 

Each natural stone crafted by nature is unique; please understand that these images are for reference only and final product will differ in color, shade variations, geological design and patterns.

Facts on Granite

What: Natural Stone

Pros: Wide variety of costs, colors, and patterns; Scratch and Heat Resistant; Low maintenance, Highly durable, Widely available

Cons: Not Uniform, Porous, Possibility of Staining