Prized for its timeless beauty, marble counters can add a classic look to any kitchen or bathroom. Marble is ideal for customers who appreciate its natural beauty when it is no longer in its ‘youthful’ stage due to easy scratching, etching and staining.

Marble is a metamorphic stone formed when limestone reforms into interlocking calcite, aragonite and dolomite crystals due to exposure to extreme heat, pressure or chemicals. Marbles are primarily white in color, but variations can be expected when other minerals are present.

In comparison to other natural stones, Marble is considered a soft stone. This makes it susceptible to scratching, staining, pitting, and etching significantly easier than its natural stone counterparts. It does possess a certain beauty and appeal that cannot be duplicated - which is why it has been prominently used in European homes for centuries.

There is a trend towards using white marbles for various countertop uses including kitchens. Customers, however, must be aware that marble wears with use. It tends to develop variations in color and texture as it’s exposed to other elements making it not recommended for high traffic kitchens but perfect for your home office and vanities.

Please see below a small selection of available stones. Contact us for further options. 

Each natural stone crafted by nature is unique; please understand that these images are for reference only and final product will differ in color, shade variations, geological design and patterns.

Facts on Marble

What: Natural Stone

Pros: Timeless beauty, Heat Resistant, Widely Available, Wide variety of costs, colors, and patterns

Cons: Possibility of Scratching, etching, and Staining, Requires maintenance and care