Usually white and sometimes called “the granite that looks like marble,” quartzite is one of the hardest materials available for countertops in the market. Highly durable, and not as easily available in nature, this material is ideal for anyone looking for a natural product as durable as granite.

Quartzite is a metamorphic rock comprised almost entirely of the mineral Quartz and not to be confused as the man-made Quartz product. Quartzite begins its geologic life as sand grains. Through a process similar to snow flakes merging into ice, with prolonged exposure to heat and pressure, these sand grains naturally fuse together to form a dense durable rock we refer to as Quartzite.

Outside of its looks, one of the highest appeals of Quartzite are its hardness and durability properties. This natural stone is not only harder than granite - it is harder than a knife blade. Another high appeal of Quartzite is its resistance to etching from acids like vinegar or lemon. True quartzite will not etch from exposure to normal kitchen acids. Though the least porous of natural stones, Quartzite is still porous and will greatly benefit from sealing.

With proper care and maintenance, quartzite countertops will look beautiful for a lifetime.

Please see below a small selection of available stones. Contact us for further options. 

Each natural stone crafted by nature is unique; please understand that these images are for reference only and final product will differ in color, shade variations, geological design and patterns.

Facts on Quartzite

What: Natural Stone

Pros: One-of-a-kind beauty, UV, Scratch and Heat Resistant,  Low maintenance, Highly durable

Cons: Cost, Not as readily available, Limited edge profiles & color choices