This sleek and stylish man-made product comes in a variety of prizes, colors, patterns, sizes, and brands. Highly durable and virtually maintenance free, it's the ideal product for customers who love the look of marble with less upkeep.

Engineered Quartz Surfaces, often referred to as Quartz, are manufactured products derived from Natural-quartz crystals - one of the hardest products on Earth. Crystals are ground into a dust and fused, under intense heat and pressure, with pigments and resin binders to form a slab.

A great number of homeowners are in the market for something that requires little to no maintenance to modernize their countertops; quartz being a non-porous product that requires no sealing adding to its ease. Another advantage of Quartz products stems from its consistency and variations between (or within) slabs are uncommon and hardly noticeable.

Quartz products are highly heat and scratch resistant (but not proof, so precautions must be taken to ensure the counters are not damaged). In our efforts to deliver the best possible service and products, we only work with seasoned quartz brands we trust and can stand behind.

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Facts on Quartz

What: +/- 93% Natural Quartz & 7% Resin

Pros: Uniform Design, Durable,  Non-Porous, Maintenance-Free, Scratch & Heat Resistant

Cons: Cost, Not Heat Proof,  Not suitable for outdoor applications