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Project & Material Review

When our technician returns with the details gathered during your template appointment, all of the details will be reviewed by your service representative and the final pricing for your countertops will be confirmed. If a significant price discrepancy exists, contracts will be redrafted and you’ll be notified immediately.

Please note that granite, marble and quartzite are products of nature. They will inherently have (slight or dramatic) variations in terms of colors, shade, texture, veining, etc. This adds to the beauty of your material and makes your countertops unique. Please remember that your slabs will not be identical to the samples you’ve seen at our supplier. We invite you to come to the shop to view and approve the exact slab that will be used to produce your counters. 

Please keep in mind that most countertop materials require field seams. Although we do our best to decide on seam positions with you, our fabrication partners sometimes need to change them after the template due to structural or material considerations. This is of particular importance on materials with exotic patterns. If you are concerned about your seam placement, please contact us and request a seam-approval prior to fabrication on your counters.

Once we have confirmed all of the details and received your approval, the stone will be transferred to our selected partner to begin the fabrication process.